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What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is a living system of medicine with a history that spans over 2,000 years. With its proven effectiveness and safety, it is now used to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness in countries throughout the world. Chinese medicine is such a powerful system because it addresses the root causes of sickness and imbalance, as well as treating the symptoms.

Drawing on centuries of observing nature's forces, Chinese medicine sees humans as a part of nature—that the phenomena which exist in the natural world also occur within the human body. Natural forces such as Wind, Heat, Cold, Dampness or Dryness may affect the body's balance and ability to maintain a healthy state.

Chinese medicine views health as the appropriate flow of Qi (energy), blood, and vital essence in the human body. When the Qi and blood cannot travel freely within the meridians (energetic channels) of the body, there is pain. When there is an excess or a deficiency in any organ or area of the body, this can cause an imbalance. Chinese Medicine can restore harmony to the system by promoting the smooth flow of Qi, reducing the excess, replenishing what is deficient, and preserving what is vital.

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